Meet the Team

Russell Alleman, President

Russell Alleman’s journey from drawing house plans on graphing paper as a child, to becoming the President of Manchac Homes is a testament to his relentless passion for luxury homebuilding. After earning a business degree from Louisiana State University, Russell transitioned from the corporate world to founding Manchac Homes in 2014. His fresh perspective on homebuilding treats each project uniquely, reflecting the client’s personality. The result? Meticulously edited, curated homes that mirror the client’s vision and the team’s commitment to excellence.

Russell’s hands-on approach has positioned Manchac Homes as a multi-award-winning construction firm, earning praise from prestigious national and local outlets. In 2020, he received the Industry Innovator of the Year award from the Homebuilder’s Association of Greater Baton Rouge, followed by being honored in the 2021 Forty Under 40 class. The homes he enters in the HBA’s annual Parade of Homes consistently claim top awards for the past three years.

Beyond construction, Russell finds solace in relaxation and forging meaningful connections, often accompanied by travel to unique and inspiring destinations. His commitment to building remarkable homes in South Louisiana goes hand in hand with building lasting client relationships.

Paris Naberschnig, Director of Construction

Originally from Hammond, Louisiana, Paris attended Louisiana State University and earned his degree in construction management. While initially focused on commercial construction, a chance encounter with Manchac Homes on its Lakeshore Drive residence on the LSU Lakes led to a pivotal career change. A phone call and subsequent meeting later, Paris began his journey with Manchac Homes.

With an unwavering work ethic and determined mindset, Paris never hesitates to implement his ideas and turn them into team goals. Applying values of honesty, discipline, and integrity honed from his military background, Paris is instrumental in leading the team at Manchac Homes throughout the construction process with enhanced communication and efficiency, all while keeping quality control at the forefront.

As his ambitious spirit propels his professional success at Manchac Homes, it also drives his pursuits, from exploring natural wonders to seeking adrenaline-filled adventures.

Casie Lanoue, Office Manager

Casie is the architect behind the efficient and upbeat office environment at Manchac Homes.She upholds our values of honesty, integrity, positivity, and growth to ensure operational excellence and quickly overcomes any challenge that may present itself. Originally from Walker, Louisiana, Casie grew up with a strong sense of community and incorporates this in her role, forging genuine connections through everyday trade partner and client interactions.

Along with enhancing the homebuilding experience through her commitment to managing our project-specific financial management software, Casie continuously expands her knowledge by keeping up with the latest trends.

Casie’s passion for growth extends outside the office, where she embraces new experiences through exciting travel opportunities. She also enjoys fishing and spending quality time with loved ones in her free time.

Lindy Denny, Social Media & Brand Partnerships Manager

Since joining the team at Manchac Homes in May 2023, Lindy has redefined the company’s digital landscape. With a sharp focus on social media and brand partnerships, she has transformed how our projects are presented online, bringing them into the spotlight with innovative and engaging content.  Her methodology centers on creating content that captures the essence of the Manchac Homes brand, ensuring that each post, video, or story is not just seen but remembered.

Lindy’s journey in content creation began in 2016, deeply rooted in the construction industry. Her expertise allows our firm to showcase our one-of-a-kind custom home brand through compelling storytelling.  The ability to produce high-quality content sets her apart in the dynamic world of marketing through the use of social media. This agility ensures that Manchac Homes stays ahead of the curve, capitalizing on the latest trends and audience behaviors across various digital channels.

In her role, Lindy is constantly learning and evolving, staying abreast of the latest digital marketing trends. Her commitment to innovation and excellence promises to keep the entire team at Manchac Homes at the forefront of the construction industry’s online space.